Try Alternatives That Are Better Than PayPal!

 Top PayPal Alternatives PayPal is the leading global e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the internet.

PayPal has found itself competing with new online payment processing companies that are deeming themselves better than PayPal.

Most PayPal alternatives offer better customer service and rates. Leaving PayPal to lower their fees. Read more at PayPal Alternative.

PayPal Alternatives


Intuit, the makers of Quick-books, Turbo-tax and Quicken brings you a great new online payment solution at a small cost when doing bank payments.

Intuit Payment Network not only puts more money in your pocket, it saves you trip time! Only charges a flat .50 cent fee for all ACH transactions and it's free for you to send money payments online using easy payment tools.


Amazon Payments offers you a way to send and receive money to your friends and family using your payment information that is already connected to your Amazon account.

Better Than PayPal Brings You The Best Alternative Payment Online Processors

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There Are Dozens Of Alternative Payment Online Processors That Are Better Than PayPal! Check out the Top 15 PayPal Alternatives.